170-Orange 160-Pink Foil Chart 161-Hot Pink 157-Light Blue 211-G 159-Cerise 153-Beige 156-Gray 22K Gold Foil 150-Cream 270-Orange 151-Dubonnet 148-Red 248-Red 149-White 250-Dubonnet 146-Black 244-Sage 147-Charcoal 245-Lava 144-Lemonade 242-Peach 145-Yellow 243-Green 143-Green 229-Violet 143h-Hunter Green 240-Black 141-Lime 227-Royal Blue 142-Brown 228-Baby Blue 128-Navy 225-Copper 533-Bubble Gum 129-Periwinkle 226-Navy 534-Star Field 125-Copper 215-Magenta 404-Confetti Gold 127-Blue 216-Rose 532-Bold Mosaic 122-Silver 213-Purple 402-Rainbow Silver 124-Lavender 214-Fushia 403-Confetti Silver 113-Purple 211-Gold 302-Splash Gold 121-Gold 212-Silver 401-Rainbow Gold Matte Foil Brilliant Foil Specialty Foil 110-Turquoise 210-Turquoise 301-Splash Silver
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AAmstamp carries a large selection of foil supplies for a wide variety of stamping applications. Note that the appearance of foil colors online may differ from one computer monitor to another. Please request a Foil Chart to see the actual imprinted foil colors by calling us toll free at 888-375-8375. .  
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              200 Foot Rolls Available
             22K Gold Foil: Use for leather             
             products: Books, Bibles, Artwork            
             For a Genuine Gold Accent