Aamstamp's Album Master is designed for the customer who needs a large adjustable  work area with easy and open access to locate their product. Aamstamp's Album Master is also designed for printing on tall or bulky objects. The Album Master is perfect for printing  on album covers, leather products, tall products and large products as well as all the standard hot foil imprinted products. Large Print Area: Capable of printing a full 2" X 9" area, even on hard to print materials. 10" Throat Depth: Will print to the center of a 20" album cover or other products. Adjustable Head Height: This machine can imprint on any product form 0" to 10" tall Extra Large 14" X 14" table plate has 8" of fine line adjustment in and out. It also has a 7" total left or right adjustment to make product positioning accurate and easy. The Album Master gauge bar with adjustable side stop will locate product left or right up to 17 1/2" from center. Digital Temperature Control holds temperature +/- 1. This machine is incredibly rigid and therefore extremely accurate for a greater than 10" overarm machine that weighs less than 80 pounds. Warm up time is usually under 5 minutes due to an oversize 550 watt heater. Multiline Type Inserts and other user friendly accessories are all machined to aerospace tolerances. All 100% made in the U.S.A. Fully warranted for 3 years (Extended warranty available)
Machine Option Description Price
AM-Typeholder-5 1" x 5" Self-Centering Typehead $485
AM-Typeholder-9 2" x 9" Self- Centering Typehead $650


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